Title: The Ruse
Author: Judy Corry
Publication: March 17, 2022
Publisher: Cherry Blossom Romance
Genre: Teen, YA Fiction, Romance
Pages: 426

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SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

When I found out I was cast opposite my crush in the school musical, I thought it was a dream come true. Nash Hastings is the type of guy a “good girl” like me should want. He’s sweet, attentive, loyal, and best of all, he finally asked me on a date. It’s the perfect setup for an onstage romance to move offstage. There’s just one Asher Park–the bad-boy rumored to have been involved in the mysterious disappearance of his ex last spring–is also in the play. I know I shouldn’t get involved with Asher. That he’s possibly dangerous and the exact type of guy I always get burned by. But the more I get to know him, the less I want to believe the rumors. Nash and Asher are sworn rivals and before I know it, I’m caught in the middle. In most fairytales, the princess ends up with the prince. But this might not be that kind of fairytale.


The Ruse is the third book in the Eden Falls Academy series and having liked the first two so much, I knew I had to keep going. As usual, Judy Corry came through for me.

I love reading a series and being able to follow the same characters along. What I love about this series is that I get to see all these characters from different perspectives. Corry does a great job with character growth and showing the deep side of each of the characters. I liked the love triangle in this story as well because there were these two guys who seemed like good choices. Usually, there is a good one and a bad one and you don’t know what way it’s going to go.

The only thing keeping me from giving it five stars is that I still feel there could be just a little more substance or meat to the story. There is nothing wrong with it, and I loved the story, but sometimes I just wanted a bit more.

Overall, this story followed the pattern of the other books and left the story open for even more stories from the friend group. I cannot wait to get more into these stories with the next book. Corry has written a great YA series filled with drama, romance, and adventures. Pick it up and check it out.

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