BOOK REVIEW: Upgrade by Blake Crouch


Title: Upgrade
Author: Blake Crouch
Publication: July 12, 2022
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Genre: Sci-Fi
Pages: 349


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SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

At first, Logan Ramsay isn’t sure if anything’s different. He just feels a little…sharper. Better able to concentrate. Better at multitasking. Reading a bit faster, memorizing better, needing less sleep.

But before long, he can’t deny it: Something’s happening to his brain. To his body. He’s starting to see the world, and those around him—even those he loves most—in whole new ways.

The truth is, Logan’s genome has been hacked. And there’s a reason he’s been targeted for this upgrade. A reason that goes back decades to the darkest part of his past, and a horrific family legacy.

Worse still, what’s happening to him is just the first step in a much larger plan, one that will inflict the same changes on humanity at large—at a terrifying cost.

Because of his new abilities, Logan’s the one person in the world capable of stopping what’s been set in motion. But to have a chance at winning this war, he’ll have to become something other than himself. Maybe even something other than human.

And even as he’s fighting, he can’t help wondering: What if humanity’s only hope for a future really does lie in engineering our own evolution?


**A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

I want to start by saying I do not give one star reviews lightly. It takes a lot and usually I only give those if I am unable to finish a book and in this case, that is what happen. I wanted to like this book and I gave it multiple chances by putting it down repeatedly and coming back to it at a different time, in a different mindset to see if it would intrigue me enough to finish. I tried this over and over again.

Right from the start I knew I was going to struggle with this book. Now, let me make this clear, it is not because its a bad book. I honestly can’t tell you that. I didn’t complete it, so maybe it gets really good at the end. Unfortunately for me, I could not bring myself to read past about twenty percent in the book. That may seem like a small amount, and usually I force myself to thirty percent, but in this case I just could not do it. I couldn’t get hooked. At times I felt like I was eavesdropping on a conversation I had no idea what was happening in because I just couldn’t follow the story.

To be clear, I strongly encourage those who are huge fans of science fiction stories or futuristic stories to check this book out. Something tells me this is the perfect novel for a sci-fi lover and based on other feedback I think you will truly enjoy it. It just wasn’t for me. I’d be willing to try again with another Blake Crouch novel though. You never know what will grab you!

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