BOOK REVIEW: You Shouldn’t Have Come Here by Jeneva Rose


Title: You Shouldn’t Have Come Here
Author: Jeneva Rose
Publication: April 25, 2023
Publisher: Blackstone Publishing
Genre: Suspense, Thrillers
Pages: 285

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SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

Grace Evans, an overworked New Yorker looking for a total escape from her busy life, books an Airbnb on a ranch in the middle of Wyoming. When she arrives, she’s pleasantly surprised to find that the owner is a handsome man by the name of Calvin Wells. But there are things Grace discovers that she’s not too pleased about: A lack of cell phone service. A missing woman. And a feeling that something isn’t right with the town.

Despite her uneasiness and misgivings from Calvin’s friends and family, the two grow close and start to fall for one another. However, as her departure date nears, things between them start to change for the worse. Grace grows wary of Calvin as his infatuation for her seems to turn into obsession. Calvin fears that Grace is hiding something from him.


This book was selected for my book club and it was also on my TBR list, so I was so ready to dig in. Right from the first chapter I knew this was going to be epically twist and keep me on my toes.

The story follows Grace as she checks into an Airbnb in Wyoming for a secluded retreat away from her New York lifestyle. I love the strong feelings Jeneva Rose was able to pull from me about these characters from the first moment I met them. I instantly thought Grace was a little strange, but sweet and Calvin was throwing so many red flags I could not even keep up. The whole town was a bit weird and would have sent me running for the hills so fast.

The thing I liked most about this story was that I was constantly trying to guess what was happening at any moment. I would be convinced I knew and then something else would happen and I would have to reconsider my guess. All the supporting characters really added to the depth of the story and added more questionable people to the mix to add to the suspense. My only issue was in the first half of the book some of the behaviors of Grace seemed very weird. More sexualized than I felt necessary and just odd behavior by others in general. I did not understand it and it made for a bit of an awkward read at the time. But, now that I have finished the story it all makes a bit more sense. I would encourage anyone else who feels this way to keep going. I promise it will all fall into place eventually.

Overall I am a fan. I had heard so many people talk about how twisty this book was and that ending had my jaw hanging open. I was not expecting that, and it’s extremely hard to surprise me with book endings, but Rose did it. I cannot wait to pick up another book by her and see if she can do it again! This is an absolute must-read for all suspense, thriller lovers.

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