TV RECAP: Outlander, S4: E11 “If Not For Hope”



**SPOILER ALERT!** If you have not watched the most recent episode of Outlander, stop reading now. Spoilers lie ahead.



As the episode opens we see Roger taking a show back in the present.  That slowly fades and he is in the past being tossed clothes by the Mohawk.  His hands are unbound and bloody,  They tell him he better not try to escape again.  Bree is sitting at her aunt’s house.  Lizzie brings her food and is appalled by the drawings she is making.  She begs forgiveness from Bree for getting Roger beat up and sold to the Mohawk.  Bree forgives her. Lizzie asks if she will forgive her father, Bree refuses. Ian, Jamie and Claire are tracking Roger and his Mohawk companions with the use of the necklace that Ian got in exchange for Roger.  Ian thinks that Claire is angry at Jamie.  Claire says that she isn’t angry at him,  you can tell that she might not be 100% angry at him, but she is still slightly peeved at him for the whole thing.  Back in Wilmington, Fergus is making quite inquires into Bonnet for Murtagh.  As he leaves the local pub he sees a wanted sign with Murtagh’s face on it.  He pulls it down and takes it with him.  He goes home and tells his wife that he didn’t have any luck finding a job, he is reminded with every job denial just how useless he is as a man with one hand.  Fergus gives the good news he has found about Bonnet to Murtagh.  We jump to Phaedre and Bree.  Phaedre wants to fit Bree for a new dress for a dinner that her aunt is throwing in her honor.  Bree refuses the new dress.  As Phaedre walks in front of the window, Bree tells her to stop and sit. The way the light hits her is gorgeous and she wants to draw her.  Later on Bree is sitting reading and is joined by her aunt.  She reiterates that she doesn’t want the new dress or the earrings that her aunt tries to give her.  Her aunt realizes that which is why she has asked Phaedre to let out one of her hold gowns and the earrings that she gives her are the ones that she always wore with the gown.  

In Wilmington it is the middle of the night and Maresli makes a ton of noise in the kitchen to wake up a sleeping Murtagh.  She tells him what she wants him to do.  She wants Murtagh to invite Fergus to join the fight with the Regulators.  She wants Fergus to feel needed and she says she will have all of Fergus or not at all.  We jump to the fine dinner Jocasta is throwing for Bree.  OMG!!! BILLY BOYD! I forgot that he was going to have a part in this season.  Bree talks about her drawing, specifically the ones that she does of the Negros.  She is disturbed by the blatant racism that she is hearing over the subject of her drawing.  Suddenly, Lord John Grey arrives at the dinner.  Bree is shocked by his arrival.  Back in Wilmington, Murtagh asks Fergus to join his army.  Fergus tells him that he was honored by his place was with his wife.  Maresli hears that and is overjoyed and thanks Murtagh for asking him.  Lord John is quite the center of attention.  You can tell that the other men around him are not thrilled with how much attention he is getting.  Bree does a psychology trick.  She tells them to close their eyes, imagine a woods, who is in the woods, now imagine a animal.  She asks them to open their eyes.  She asks the first man to tell her his person and animal.  Her response makes the whole dinner pretty awkward.  She asks Lord John who he see;s.  He tells her her father.  The men from dinner are just fawning over Bree.  She stands up and suddenly get dizzy and faint.   Lord John helps her to a different.  She tells Lord John about her pregnancy and where her parents actually are.  Her aunt comes in to check on her and Bree corners her about the men.  They speak frankly to each other.  Her aunt is very worried about her baby being born a bastard.  You can tell that Bree hasn’t really thought about that. 

At the tavern Murtag and Fergus are waiting for Bonnet to arrive.  When he does arrive, Murtagh tells Fergus that he needs Bonnet all by himself.  He ends up cornering him in a room upstairs.  He knocks him out.  Two law men see Murtagh tying up Bonnet in the alley.  They end up recognizing Murtagh from the wanted posters and end up arresting him.  Back with Bree, she can’t get comfortable at night. She leaves her room to get a snack.  She hears some noise off the kitchen and goes to investigate.  She sees Lord John having sex with one of the guests.  She sneaks off before she is seen.  In the morning Bree gets wind from Phaedre that a man is asking for her hand.  She tries to get ahead of this and asks Lord John to marry her, he refuses.  She blackmails him about catching him having sex.  Lord John still refuses but they talk it out.  Lord John tells her not to give up hope.  She tells Lord John the truth about her rape and how she doesn’t know who the father is.  She tells Lord John about Stephen Bonnet.  She finally goes inside to accept her engagement.  Suddenly, Lord John rushes in and asks if she has told her aunt about their engagement.  In the woods, Ian rustles a bone from Rolo.  He realizes it is human and calls Claire over.  They follow Rolo to the hasty grave of a man.  Ian recognizes the clothes and the hand as the man with Roger.  Before they break camp they give the man a decent burial.  That night Claire and Jamie talk.  Jamie thinks that Bree doesn’t need him and that he is jealous of the relationship Bree had with Frank.  As the episode comes to a close the Mohawk have reached their camp.  They start shouting, whooping and hollering.  They shove Roger down a tunnel of men.

Can I just say right here and now…..if they kill off Murtagh I will riot.  I know that he isn’t even supposed to be alive right now but I like having him in the story still.  I am liking how they are showing the relationship between Bree and her aunt.  The clash of personalities. They are both strong willed women.  I can honestly say that I don’t remember Lord John having sex with a fellow guest nor do I remember him getting caught by Bree.  I am really interested to see how they are going to play Roger and his Mohawk capture.  The way they showed it, it almost seems like they will accept him as their own.  If you have read the books you know that “honor” goes to Ian eventually.  With only two episodes left, what are you most excited to see?  What do you think of the season so far? 

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