BOOK REVIEW: ‘One Of Us’ by Tawni O’Dell

Imagine yourself perusing a library or book store and you want a book that will just completely engulf you. The kind that makes the world fall away and put you right into the story. You become wrapped in the story line and picture yourself being one of the characters.

This is what Tawni O’Dell does in ‘One Of Us’. She finds a way to draw you in so much that you can forget the rest of the world. This is the kind of book people spend months searching for as they read through a countless number of “OK” books.

One Of Us

One Of Us follows the story of Danny, forensic psychologist, who has returned to his home town of Lost Creek to take care of his ailing grandfather. A place where bad memories becomes worse when Danny comes across a body in the gallows. The gallows is a place where people flock to search for paranormal activity because of the hanging of four coal miners years back. After another murder takes place, Danny assists in the search for this serial killer who seems to have no care for human life and no moral compass. Try and imagine an evil more evil than you have ever thought.

O’Dell is known for writing fantastic books, having been on Oprah’s recommended book list before with her DEBUT (that’s impressive) novel Back Roads. She has absolutely outdone herself this time around though. The setting is dark and grimey, the every day struggles of the locals are real, the characters are ones you can look around and imagine being your friends or people you know, and the bad guy is absolutely terrifying. O’Dell has found a creative way to take a trip down memory lane and have it turn into your worst nightmare.

If you are looking for a story you could pick up and read without stopping to the very end, ‘One Of Us’ is definitely it. Engaging, horrifying, and filled with suspense to the very end! This one belongs in the hands of anyone who is a fan of a psychological thriller.

Make sure to pick up One Of Us in stores or on your e-reader where e-books are available!

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