EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Hollywood Surgeon Dr. Sergio Alvarez

Dr. Sergio Alvarez has been nipping and tucking the stars for some time now. In a world obsessed with looks and the perfect image, Alvarez is bound to be around for a while. We got the opportunity to talk with Alvarez about his work. Here is what he had to say!

Sergio Alvarez

KRISTIN: You are in a field that not many people can say they excel at. What made you want to go into this field?

Dr. Alvarez: After seeing my first open heart surgery at the age of 10, I knew then that there was nothing else I wanted to do than to be a surgeon. The ability to know what I wanted in a career at such a young age gave me the ability to focus and achieve my goals by the age of 32. Plastic surgery got my attention during medical school due to the fact that it was not only the most competitive specialty to get into and the surgeons training me were revered as “the best”, but it was the ability to work on every part of the body and really focus on the “art form” that captured me. It was the finesse that it required that captivated me.

KRISTIN: You are one of the few surgeons to the stars. Is there a lot of pressure for you to do your job, not just well, but perfect?

Dr. Alvarez: Ive always been a highly motivated individual and one that is a perfectionist at heart. Ive learned over the any years of training that I am my hardest critic and sometimes I need to keep it in check. Some of my bosses have told me in the past that the enemy of good is perfect. So I don’t believe in perfect….. I just always do my best.

KRISTIN: You have worked with some great people. What do you think it is about your service that makes clients come back to you for more?

Dr. Alvarez: I think it’s all about the relationships I establish with my patients that keeps them coming back. I truly believe that it is important to go beyond the technicalities of surgery and try to understand what a patient wants and feels about their concerns.

KRISTIN: I’m curious as to what is currently one of the most requested procedures? It seems the world is a bit obsessed with the perfect body.

Dr. Alvarez: Trends are a huge part of our field but I like to separate out the marketing from the science, because the marketing is way ahead of the science. From a scientific trend, fat transfer is the hot topic in our field today. We are seeing some amazing results from transferring fat to the face in small quantities due to the fact we tend to lose fat throughout our face in our later years. In Miami specifically where this trend is being seen clinically is in what we call down here the Brazilian Butt Lift. We transfer a large quantity of fat into the gluteal regions to help shape and enlarge the gluteal silhouette. Women come in asking to look like Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian.

KRISTIN: Perfection is not possible. So what do you say to someone that comes in with a picture and says they want to look exactly like that? Is that something you can do?

Dr. Alvarez: Again, I think the most important thing about a patient doctor relationship is the understanding of what the expectations are. Now, I have no problem turning away a patient if I don’t feel I can provide them what they expect and that includes making them look like someone else. I try to make people feel better about themselves, not try to change them into someone else.

KRISTIN: What advice would you give someone thinking of “going under the knife?”

Dr. Alvarez: Well, with every patient I always go over the risks and benefits of surgery but just as important are the alternatives to their decision. Again, when dealing with elective surgery, one needs to make sure everyone is on board with the expectations and potential complications. I always make sure patients get all of their questions answered and if they are with family or loved one, that their questions are answered as well. All of my patients get my cell phone, because I think it’s important that they have access to me directly to address any lingering questions or concerns.

KRISTIN: Where can people find you online to inquire about consultations, etc?

Dr. Alvarez: At my website at www.AlvarezPlasticSurgery.com or my IG @sergalvarez

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