Music Therapy: Power Anthems

As we all know, life as we know it is a bit upside down at the moment. Many of us are working at home, struggling for work, or working too hard as together we make certain sacrifices to slow down the spread of Covid-19. I am about to enter my fifth week of Shelter-in-Place. After the third week I realized that music was missing from my life.  See, like many of us the majority of my music listening happens in the car, but as I am not driving around anywhere this built in time disappeared. I started to realize that I missed music and how desperately I needed it to feel better about all the things I cannot control right now. In response, I went on a mission to create a chunk of time everyday to listen to music and get the musical comfort that was needed for my sanity. 

Kristin and I also did a special show on Talk Nerdy to Me Radio which aired on Monday April 6, 2020. We talked about Power Anthems and how much music can help people through tough times. Anthems, in particular, are songs that uplift us, define us, pump us up, and get our minds into a more positive headspace. We asked for recommendations from listeners who provided us with their own anthem songs. It was a fun show to make make and we hope it was also a fun show to listen to as well. 

Music is such a powerful tool to help guide us through tough times, to regulate mood, and to just make us be present with beautiful songs.In order to help you and myself get through this uncertain time, I created a playlist for both Spotify and YouTube in the hope to cheer you up and make you sing your cares away. It is filled with 50 songs of positive life affirming music from all genres. I hope you enjoy it. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep the music healing alive. We need music more than we realize. So here’s to some musical therapy!  

Link to Spotify Playlist: 

Link to YouTube Playlist: 

Link to Talk Nerdy to Me Power Anthem Show: 

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