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MUSIC SPOTLIGHT – New Releases – September 20th

Highlights from Friday September 20, 2019 Release Day  Accidental themes sometimes emerge. This week’s accidental theme is people with horrible reputations who put out more mature albums than we are normally used to. One is a younger artist pushing pop music to the future. The other a rock legend reminding …

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MUSIC SPOTLIGHT: New Releases – September 6th

Highlights from Friday September 6, 2019 Release Day  This week I will only be featuring one album and the rest will be recommendations. Samples of everything will be on the playlist linked at the bottom of the post. I was going to do review both The Highwomen and Post Malone, …

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MUSIC SPOTLIGHT: New Releases – August 30

Highlights from Friday August 30, 2019 Release Day  I have noticed that my reviews have been themed without really attempting to theme it. First week, was a diverse variety to get you started off on taking chances with new music. Second week, was all about female empowerment. This week is …

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MUSIC SPOTLIGHT: New Releases – August 23rd

Highlights from Friday August 23, 2019 Release Day   1) Eve  by Rapsody  Rapsody is a hip-hop and lyricist from North Carolina. Eve is her third studio album and she arguably made it her most poignant. Each track represents a woman of importance or a track that addresses an important strength …

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MUSIC SPOTLIGHT: New Releases – August 16th

Every Sunday, I will walk you through some of the recently released music. Give you a heads up on the best new albums and the best new artists, so that you don’t have to wonder why music has lost its quality. The music world is a jungle and I am …

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