TV RECAP: Outlander – S4: E10 “The Deep Heart’s Core”



If you have not watched the current episode of Outlander or those before it, turn back now. Spoilers lie ahead. You have been warned.


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Once again, I am three episodes behind.  The holiday season with my kids not being in school cuts into my mommy screen time.  Moving on, a quick recap of the previous two episodes:

Roger finally catches up with Bree in Wilmington. Roger and Bree hand fast to each other then finally take their relationship to the next level. Roger lets it slip that he knew about her parent’s obituary.  They get in a fight and part ways angerly.  Bree gets raped by Capt. Bonnet while trying to buy her mothers ring from him. Bree finally tracks down Jamie.  There is a very emotional reunion with her mother.  Bree finds out she is pregnant.  When her mother finds out she is relieved. She then tells her mother about her rape and that she doesn’t know who the father of the child may be.  As the episode closes we see Jamie beating the snot out of Roger after Lizzie spots him in the woods and tells Jamie that is the man that raped Bree.  Jamie tells Ian to get rid of Roger.  Onto this weeks episode. 

Jamie wants to get closer to his daughter, Bree.  Claire suggests taking her hunting with him.  While they are walking to check the snares Bree asks Jamie if he is disappointed in her.  She lets out some of her rage over the issue with Jamie.  Jamie makes her even angrier by saying maybe it wasn’t really rape.  Maybe she wanted it to happen to her.  That really sets her off.  He is trying to make the point that if she fought she probably would have been killed.  She asks him if he fought against Black Jack.  He tells her no, that he traded not fighting for her mother’s life.  We see the Natives pulling two prisoners behind their horses.  Roger looks worse for wear. Later that night as the Natives are sitting around the campfire telling stories, Roger is keeping track of the days he has been captive on a rope in his pocket.  Back at the homestead Claire and Bree are talking.  Claire is telling Bree that she needs to decide if she wants to keep the baby and go through the stones now or have an abortion.  Whatever her decision is she needs to make it quick.  We see the cabin settle into a happy routine.  Bree and Claire are doing laundry and start listing off all the things that they miss about being back in the present.  Among them are flushing toilets, juicy hamburgers, and Led Zepplin.  At night we see Bree having a horrible dream.  It goes from Roger sitting on the edge of her bed to Bonnet.  She is fighting him off.  Lizzie manages to wake her up and tells her it was a dream.  Bree gets Lizzie to tell her that Roger was here, that Jamie beat him up and had Ian take care of him.  Bree comes bursting into the cabin demanding to know where Roger was.  Claire and Bree finally realize why Jaime’s hand is bandaged and it’s not from hitting a tree like he told Claire.  Bree is pretty angry at Jamie.  They both say things that they can’t take back.  Jamie asks if it wasn’t Roger who raped her then who was it.  Claire pulls her “missing” wedding ring out of her pocket, sets it down and says it was him.  Ian and Jamie both know who did this to Bree.  Bree asks once again where Roger was and Ian tells her that he sold him to the Mohawk.  

Back with Roger, we see that his fellow prisoner has died during the night.  The Mohawk seem unconcerned by this and haul his body away.  With only one prisoner, they push Roger harder than before. Later by the campfire, Bree tells them that they will all go and look for Roger.  She will not stay behind.  She tells her mother that she has decided to keep the baby because there is a chance that it could still be Roger’s.  Bree and Claire get in a fight.  Bree tells her that she will stay behind and watch the cabin.  Claire refuses that what Jamie suggests his Auntie Jocasta.  Murtagh offers to take her back to River Run.  The next morning Ian, Jamie, and Claire leave to find Roger while Murtagh and Bree head to River Run.  Back with Roger and the Natives, Roger is tiring.  He is starting to fall as he walks along.  He falls over a cliff and manages to slip free from the ropes on his wrists.  He takes off running with the Mohawk’s hot on his trail.  He ducks behind a bush and manages to lose them.  Murtagh and Bree have arrived at River Run.  Bree explains the letter from Jamie and Jocasta welcomes her with open arms despite her “condition”.  As Roger is hiking through the woods he hears a buzzing noise like bees and comes across a set of standing stones just like Craig na Duhn.  He walks up to them and pulls out the gems from his pocket.  He begins to cry because he is torn over what to do,  As the episode ends he is reaching towards the stones. 

First of all, that is not how that set of stones were found.  Roger did not find them.  He had a real come to Jesus moment with the should he stay should he go thing.  I mean I understand why they did it, to add a little drama to the Roger and Bree story, but it just rubs me the wrong way.  I love how they have involved the Bree and Jamie storyline.  They have slowly become like father and daughter instead of strangers.  Claire has picked up right where she left off with mothering Bree.  Being able to read her mind and tell when something is wrong and generally what it is.  I can’t wait to see where the Roger story line will go in the next episode.  We only have three episodes left to go in the season!

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