TV RECAP: Outlander, S4:E5 Savages


If you have not watched the newest episode of Outlander, turn back now. Spoilers lie ahead. You have been warned. We’ll give you a moment.





Episode opens in 1768. Claire is picking herbs with the Native healer, the one who told her about the dream she had. She is teaching her the native language, she is also teaching her about the herbs that are native.  She asks Claire if she has children and tells her that she is here. 

Claire is packing to go deliver a baby to some locals.  Jamie asks about Bree’s birthmark. Claire is shocked she hasn’t thought about her birthmark in ages.  Jamie tells her that he had a dream about it and that he kissed it in his dream.  Back in the present Roger is looking for Bree.  In his asking around he finds out that she got a one-way cab trip to Craig Na Duhn 10 days prior.  He asks the women who gave her a room at the bed and breakfast if she has any information. She tells him no.  As he walks away she seems to decide something and gives him a letter Bree wrote with the instructions to mail it to him in a year, but since he was already there she gave it to him anyway. 

Jamie and Ian are in town looking for Scottish families to round up and add to Fraser’s Ridge.  Back in the wilderness, Claire has successfully delivered the baby to a local family the Muellers.  Jamie is holding a meeting to recruit men to his land.  100 acres a family and no rent till the land yields a product.  They are turning his offer down.  He asks them why and they tell them about the unfair taxes that they had on their own lands previously.  Back with Claire, we are getting a taste of Herr Mueller’s severe dislike of the Natives.  They are trying to water their horses from a creek on the property, he loses his mind and wants to shoot them.  Claire frantically tries to talks both parties down.  Telling Herr Mueller they mean no harm, they just want to water their horses.  Herr Mueller doesn’t want to listen, however, she manages to get the Natives to move farther downstream.  Before they leave they bless the water with upsets, Herr Mueller, once again.   

Claire heads home with Rolo in tow.  She is dead tired and just collapses when she gets home.  With Jamie still gone she is in charge of doing the chores around the house.  Feeding all the animals and gathering wood. Jamie and Ian are packing up the wagon to head home.  As they prepare to leave the bit in the horse’s mouth breaks.  Ian takes it to the blacksmith to get it mended. The blacksmith is closing for the day.  Ian tries to talk him into it and he refuses.  Ian finally says he will pay him 21 pounds to do it.  OMG, it’s Murtagh!  They brought him back!!  Jamie flips his lid when he finds out how much Ian paid for the repair of the bit. He storms into the blacksmith’s shop, as he begins to speak Murtagh stops what he is doing when he realizes he knows that voice.  He slowly turns around and Jamie is shocked beyond belief as to who the blacksmith is.  He can’t believe what he sees.  Back home Claire receives new that the baby, she just delivered, and the mother has died from the measles.  She gets a warning from the preacher.  Herr Mueller has gone off the deep end.  He blames Claire and the Natives for their deaths.  She thanks the preacher and heads inside and begins to prep her shotgun to protect herself.

Murtagh, Jamie, and Ian are catching up in the pub.  He asks if he knows how to work silver.  He tells him that he does.  Ian tells him that Jamie wants to make a gift for his wife.  Murtagh assumes that he remarried again after Claire left.  Jamie sends Ian off to get a beer and Jamie tells him that Claire returned to him.  He is overjoyed to hear that. Jamie asks Murtagh to join him and Claire at Fraser’s Ridge.  He declines, he tells Jamie that he has grave work to do here in town.  Back home we see Claire on edge living at home alone by herself still.  Later that night, Murtagh takes them to a meeting.  He seems to be the leader of the local underground Regulators group that are battling unfair taxes.  Jamie seems slightly disturbed by all of this.  Murtagh wants him to join them.  Jamie, however, cannot join in good conscience, especially with the amount of land he has and with him signing that paper with the Govoner.  Murtagh is saddened by the news but understands. Claire’s fears finally come to a head, Herr Mueller finally shows up.  He tells her that he is concerned for her well-being.  He is still an emotional mess over his family.  Claire tries to tell him how measles work. He doesn’t listen and still blames the curse and the Natives for their death.  He says that he has taken care of them for her.  He hands her a package, she thinks that it is the doll he bought for the baby.  When she unrolls it she sees scalps, specifically a scalp for her healer friend.  She is appalled by it.  Later in the evening she carefully wraps the scalp up and places it in a box and burns it.  She is saddened by it all.  As night falls the Natives start shooting flaming arrows at a cabin.  A woman opens the door, it is Frau Mueller.  She falls down after she walks a few feet.  She has a flaming arrow sticking out of her back. Herr Mueller arrives and runs to her, as he does he is hit with a tomahawk.  A few days later Rolo once again whines at the door, this time it is Jamie arriving home.  She is extremely shaken by the events and asks Jamie to just hold her.  Later as she is gathering wood she hears someone whistling bugle boy behind her.  She turns and sees Murtagh.  She is overjoyed to see him.  As the episode closes we see Roger in the present reading the letter Bree wrote him.  She tells him not to follow her.  We see her walk towards the stones and then as the camera pans around the stone she vanishes. 

I was beyond shocked that we got to see Murtagh again. I literally squealed with delight.  When they deviated from the books and kept him alive after the battle of Culloden, I was hoping that they would eventually show what happened to him.  I am not sure how I feel about the deviating from the books and killing off the rest of the Mueller family.  The books do kill off the new mom and baby with measles but the rest of the family is still alive and well.  I really wanted to see more of Roger and Bree this episode and that didn’t happen, however, they did send Bree through the stones so hopefully, the next episode will have more of that.  I can’t wait to see what they do with Murtagh,  Are you glad that he is back?

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