TV RECAP: Outlander – S5:E3 – Free Will


If you have not seen the most recent episode of Outlander, stop reading now. Spoilers are ahead.



As the episode opens Claire is feeding the bread that she hopes to grow Penicillin.  Marasli wants to know how she knows what to look for.  Why can’t Claire just tell her that she is from the future and fell through the stones?  That’s how she knows all these new-fangled ideas. Marasli seems like a willing pupil for Claire. Jamie has finally returned home. Jamie admits to Claire that he actually liked Lt. Knox. He doesn’t tell Claire that he doesn’t think that he revengefully killed the man in the prison. He does say that he is concerned about the Regulators and the army that they have.  Personally, I would be worried as well. Murtagh is a knowledgable man and he has a group that is ready and rearing to go. Jamie then tells Claire that he has to gather his own men and form a militia in order to assist Knox.  Claire informs him that she is going with him as a physician and won’t take no for an answer.  Jamie has Fergus put an ad in the newspaper calling up all able men from 16-60.

Everyone comes to see Claire, Jamie and the rest of the militia off.  Jamie tells Claire that he has something to tell her.  I hope that he is finally going to tell her about Bonnet.  YES!! Finally, she really needed to know. Ugh, they think that Bree has no idea he is still alive.  They are both angered by the news of his survival but it would appear Claire is madder than Jamie.  While they are camping in the woods, they catch someone stealing from them.  They chase him down and bring him back to camp.  They think he is the boy from home but realizes that he doesn’t have the thief tattoo. Jamie finds Josiah slinking around in the woods and brings him back from camp.  Josiah finally tells the story as to what is going on with them. Josiah and his brother’s story is so sad, I can’t believe that they are supposed to be indentured for 30 years.  Jamie and Claire go to buy their indenture off of their owner while the rest of the men continue on their quest to grow their militia.  

Jamie and Claire finally find the boy’s owner’s cabin.  Jamie knocks on the door to no answer so he peeks in window, suddenly a woman’s face appears.  She tells Jamie the master is dead.  Tells Jamie that he can keep the boys that she has no need for them.  Jamie tells her he needs the papers in case anything ever comes of this situation.  She lets them in the house.  The house looks super creepy and judging by the look on their face smells as bad as it looks.  She keeps the goats in the house.  In the back of the house, they hear a door rattling and banging.  Jamie goes back to it and finds a male goat locked in the room. It only takes a little while for Claire to realize that the smell in the house is not totally goat.  She has a sickening feeling about the smell.  She finds the owner of the house emaciated and alive laying in his own filth upstairs. The wife tells Claire that he beat her and she raced upstairs, he followed and collapsed and that is where she left him.  Claire tells her that they will take care of him.  Claire quickly discovers that she has been torturing him for months.  While they are there she attempts to strangle him.  The wife suddenly goes into labor and Claire helps to birth the baby.  Jamie and Claire realize that the baby is black, not white.  It’s not her husband’s child.  Claire learns while talking to the wife whos name is Fanny is not the first wife and that he has killed multiple wives in the past and they haunt her.  

Claire drops the bomb on Jamie that she wants Bree, Roger and Jemmy to go back to their own time once they know if Jemmy can time travel or not. Jamie does not look happy about it at all.  Jamie says it may be safer in their own time ut they would be without their family and their blood.  Fanny sneaks out sometime during the night leaving behind her baby for them to care for.  She found the papers and the deed to the house and left them with the baby.  Jamie and Claire decide that they need to move onto their final destination.  They are taking milking goats with them so that the baby has fresh milk.  Jamie decides that he is going to put the old man out of his mind.  He tells Claire to go outside while he does the deed.   Jamie gives him all the facts with blinking once for yes and twice for no.  Jamie asks him if he wants him to take his life.  he blinks once.  Jamie says he doesn’t want to send a man to hell but the man refuses to be forgiven for his misdeeds.  

I loved this episode and I don’t know why.  Maybe because it wasn’t jumping around and it focused on just Jamie and Claire for the most part.  I can’t wait to see how they develop Josiah and his brother’s story.  I do like their side stories in the books.  I can’t wait for next week’s episode.  

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