BOOK REVIEW: Miss Fix-It by Louisa Masters & Olivia Ventura

Title: Miss Fix-It
Author: Louisa Masters & Olivia Ventura
Publication: July 13, 2018
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Genre: Romance Comedy
Pages: 316

SYNOPSIS (From Goodreads):

Veronica, a self confessed girly-girl, often finds herself labelled a bimbo–and just doesn’t care. An ex-economist turned handyperson, Vee is not afraid to be female, period. So what if it happens to be in a male-dominated industry?

When Vee threatens a client with a hammer to ward off his wandering hands, she finds herself at the local police station facing charges of assault. There she meets Detective Cole Samuels, and the sparks thrown off by their mutual animosity are combustive. They quickly become involved in a hot and heavy relationship, leaping one hurdle after another. Things finally seem to be working out when Vee’s workplace is vandalized, a message left… and suddenly, that crank call and the near-miss with the crazy driver don’t seem to be harmless incidents anymore. Vee’s stalker rapidly escalates in violence, leaving Cole determined to find him before Vee gets hurt….


**A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.**

After finishing a novella by the same author I was pretty excited to read this next book by her.  In fact, I enjoyed it so much I could hardly wait to start the book.

Veronica is a handyman? Handywomen? Handyperson?  Whatever we want to call them in this day in age.   She has only started doing this when she got bored of working as an Economist at a high-end firm and decided to open her own fix it business.  People didn’t take her seriously at first until she finishes her job and they love the quality of work they do and become repeat clients.  She is at a house rehanging a garden gate when she gets groped several times by the husband.  She brushes off the first butt grab but can’t ignore it the second time.  She raises her pink hammer over her head to threaten him.  At that same time, two cops are going past and arrest her for assault.  She meets a Detective Samuels who she chews him out for her treatment.  He doesn’t know how to handle her.  He gives in and moves her to a different room and offers her a beverage.  Once she is cleared of any wrongdoing she leaves the station and suddenly realizes that her vehicle is still back at the house she was working on.  She looks across the street and sees Detective Samuels and talks him into giving her a ride.  As they are getting to her car, he asks her out for drinks.  They hit it off and become inseparable until Veronica finds out something about his past.  Will it be enough to keep her away?  Will they realize that they are meant to be a forever unit?

Oh my gosh, this book.  It offered so much more than romance.  It was a twist between romance with a dash of a thriller and a sprinkling of mystery.  It kept me on my toes the entire time.  I wanted to keep reading it to find out what would happen next.  The hot and heavy romance was kept to a minimum, there was the occasional sex scene but it was mostly kissing and such.  The main character was a relatable person, had a high profile job but quit it to do something that she loved and had a passion for.  That is something I think we all want to be brave enough to do if we aren’t already doing it. I can’t wait to read another book by the author,  I hope that it is just as good as the last few I have read.


Miss Fix-It by Louisa Masters & Olivia Ventura is available now on Amazon. Make sure to add it to your To Reads list on Goodreads and leave feedback fro the author when you are finished. Also make sure to check out more novels by authors Louisa Masters and Olivia Ventura.

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