BOOK REVIEW: Oceans Away by Skye McNeil

Title: Oceans Away
Author: Skye McNeil
Publication: July 13, 2019
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Genre: Romance
Pages: 360

SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

Adopted as an infant, Ireland Leighton grew up in the heart of the Midwest. After inheriting millions from her biological parents, she is determined to help others any way she can. The only string is a business engagement with another millionaire. Ireland returns to Iowa years later to plan her brother’s tropical wedding. The festivities would be easier if her sexy ex-boyfriend stayed out of reach and her future wasn’t already planned.

Time suppressed his feelings for the girl next door, but Gideon Taggart isn’t about to let Ireland escape again. Farmer by day, veterinarian by choice, his second chance with his first love is far from easy. He soon discovers that no matter how much he loves Ireland, she’ll always choose her family over a future with him.


**A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

I know that I say this over and over, but I honestly do squeal with delight when a request to sign up for an author that I love comes across my email.  I had recently read her first book in this series and absolutely loved it.  I hoped when I had finished that one and it was labeled as #1 that a second book would be coming soon.

Ireland was the girl next door until she learned her biological family is rich and she is an heiress.  When I started this book I was a little worried after reading the blurb that it would be a girl next door falls for the boy next door and then turns rich and leaves boy next door.  While that is kind of what happened.  However, the story is so much deeper than that.  She comes home after 6 years away, her brother is getting engaged and his party is just around the corner.  The boy next door, Gideon is still the boy next door, albeit sexier and time has been very good for him.  As time goes on they realize that they still have feelings for each other.  They start off right where they left off.  They share a kiss and things heat up from there.  The whole story I really wanted them to get together. 

I loved this book.  The author literally kept me guessing if they would get their happily ever after with each other until the very end.  The characters were lovable and I found myself yelling at Gideon when he wasn’t taking Ireland back at the end.  He loved her but was just too proud or something.  It felt somewhat out there at times with what was happening.  Granted, I know, that the rich can fall in love or back in love with a plain jane, it was just the way that it was written that had me a little ehhh.  It wasn’t enough to take 9away from the story because I still really loved this book.   The author described Barbados and France in such a way that I could see it in my mind.  I will definitely be waiting for the 3rd book in the series to come out, that is if there is one!!  I will be keeping my eye out for that wonderful email for sure.


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