BOOK REVIEW: The Best Bar Trivia Book Ever: All You Need for Pub Quiz Domination by Michael O’Neill

Title: The Best Bar Trivia Book Ever: All You Need for Pub Quiz Domination
Author: Michael O’Neill
Publication: September 30, 2014
Publisher: Adams Media
Source: Adams Media
Genre Category: Humor & Entertainment

The Best Bar Trivia Book Ever


The ultimate guide to becoming a bar trivia champion!

Which NBA coach coined and trademarked the term “threepeat”?
Which animal has four knees?
Which famous candy bar is named for a U.S. president’s daughter?

Brimming with answers to popular questions like these, The Best Bar Trivia Book Ever arms you with the knowledge your team needs to annihilate your bar trivia competition. This must-have guide features hundreds of facts, covering everything from sports and pop culture to history and science, so that you’re always ready to deliver the ultimate trivia smackdown. You’ll also get all the ins and outs of your favorite event with information on important bar trivia rules, assembling a team, and claiming victories week after week.

Whether you’re new to the scene or want to dominate at your local bar, this book will help your team outsmart the competition every single week!

I’m going to start off with the simplest of statements. I love this book. I sat down with a few friends to go through this book and see what shenanigans it held and we had a blast. For a good hour I flipped through pages and quizzed them on tons of information. Some of the information I was absolutely clueless of and others I was bouncing in my seat to shout out the answer! No matter what, we had a blast and learned new fun facts along the way.

The Best Bar Trivia Book Ever by Michael O’Neill is exactly what it says it is. A book packed full of all different types of facts that you can form into questions and ask friends, or study up for the next time you do some bar trivia at your local dive. There are categories from entertainment to politics; sure to be something for everyone.

O’Neill is basically a genius, in my opinion, because he has hit the most obvious entertainment answer… simplicity! We are simple creatures and enjoy the simplest of things. The Best Bar Trivia Book Ever is going on my next vacation so I can quiz everyone I know… no matter where I am. Absolutely genius and loads of fun. Fantastic job and hats off to O’Neill. 256 pages of pure joy. When is the next one coming out?

Make sure to pick a copy up at a vendor near you.
You can get it at the following online locations:
Barnes & Noble: $10.49 for Nook edition or $11.01 in paperback.
Amazon: $9.99 for Kindle or $11.09 in paperback
Or check it out on Goodreads! Don’t forget to add it to your TO READ list!

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