Book Review: “Phantom Instinct” by Meg Gardiner

Meg Gardiner is 100% at the top of her game. A lot of books spend the first couple chapters introducing the characters and easing you in to the story. Not Phantom Instinct. This story hooks you from chapter one! I was completely enthralled by the end of chapter one, and that is hard to do!

The story starts out at a nightclub, Xenon, where deadly gunfire erupts and kills many, including Harper Flynn’s boyfriend, and seriously injures many more.  Harper Flynn, the main character and heroine in this story is relateable in the sense that everyone has a past, and Flynn is definitely no different. Then there comes a time in life where that past comes back to bite you. Flynn’s past seems to be a bit harsher, what with all the get-away car driving, petty thievery, pick pocketing and so on. Even with that said, she managed to get her life together and now her past (aka Maddox and Zero) are back for a bit of revenge. She recruits Aiden Garrison, a former detective who has personal ties to the attack on Xenon to find a gunman that may not even exist. Can you imagine trying to convince an entire precinct that someone exists but having no evidence they do? Between medical issues that will blow your mind and paranoia that will set even your nerves on edge, Gardiner draws you in and ties you down until the very end.

This is one of those books you start and cannot put down until you finish. Definitely start it on a weekend or you’ll find your weekday work being pushed aside for more of the story. Hats off to Meg Gardiner. I foresee a #1 bestseller in the future for this one!

Phantom Instinct releases June 26th. Go to Meg Gardiner’s website HERE to find links to pre-order now!

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