BOOK REVIEW: “Desolation Sound” by Fraser C. Heston & Heather J. McAdams

Title: Desolation Sound
Author: Fraser C. Heston and Heather J. McAdams
Publication: July 10, 2015
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 226
Source: Media Group

Desolation Sound


Synopsis: (From Goodreads)
Fourteen severed feet. Twenty-two missing blondes. One knife.

This evocative Northwest Noir thriller, set in the misty islands of British Columbia, will keep you on edge until its astonishing conclusion. Based on a real-life, unsolved mystery.

Seattle homicide detective Jack Harris–a depressed alcoholic, prone to violence, was kicked off the force for killing a killer. He retired to the Gulf Islands and a quiet life of fly-fishing, sea kayaking and heavy drinking, to escape his demons. Until he finds the 13th severed human foot to wash ashore since 2007. RCMP claims there are no signs of foul play, but as Jack says, “Two feet is an anomaly, three to four statistically curious, six to ten, you have to think dirty. But thirteen feet? Seriously?”

Blond female runners have been disappearing lately in the lower mainland. RCMP corporal Liz MacDonald–an obsessive, ambitious, rookie detective was kicked off a case for beating a suspect. She fits the victim profile perfectly. Young, good-looking, blond long distance runner. She also happens to be convinced that these disappearances are linked to the severed feet. Liz and Jack team up to catch a sadistic serial killer before he catches them.

‘Desolation Sound’ is a terrifying twisted game of cat and mouse with a psychopathic serial killer ready to keep the police guessing. Fraser C. Heston and Heather J. McAdams teamed up on this captivating story and did not disappoint. I enjoyed this book more than I was expecting, which is always a pleasant surprise. The story follows ex-Seattle homicide detective Jack Harris and RCMP corporal, Liz MacDonald as they try and solve the case of feet washing up on the shores in the misty British Columbia. These are not just any feet though. They are feet from about 22 missing runners (all blondes!), not all feet found yet, that RCMP have been brushing off as wash ups from suicides. One foot, maybe. Two feet, I might buy it. But 14 feet and 22 missing runners? Doubtful in my opinion!

The story takes you on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs while Liz and Jack fend off some obvious chemistry all while chasing some pretty gruesome scenes and interview some interesting characters. What I found the most exhilarating was at the end… turns out this is based on real life events. Events still left unsolved. Real crime! Heston and McAdams did a fantastic job of developing characters and connections in the short span of this book. My only disappointment was the length of the book. It felt like some of the book was rushed to fit into the tight confines of this novel. I would have preferred maybe 30-40 more pages filled with more backstory, details, and scenes that needed more time to play out.

With that said, the ending was a complete shocker. I love when an author can keep me guessing the entire time and still surprise me at the end. That’s talent! Heston and McAdams proved to be a dangerous duo in drawing me in while making me want more. I mean… come on! I wanted MORE book! That has to be a compliment. If you are into murder/mysteries with a twist of reality embedded in the story, then pick up ‘Desolation Sound’. It is a riveting tale of a psychopathic serial killers reign of terror. You will not be disappointed. Four out of five stars happily awarded! Good read!

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