BOOK REVIEW: Wild Hearts by Lindsay Detwiler and Claire Smith

Title: Wild Hearts
Author: Lindsay Detwiler and Claire Smith
Publication: March 10, 2018
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Genre: Romance
Pages: 203



SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads)

This sexy cowboy is out of his element. He doesn’t want commitment, but Jodie Ellison is a force of nature who can’t be ignored.

Jodie Ellison loves wild parties, chaotic fun, and spontaneity in her hometown of Ocean City, Maryland. With her writing career and waitressing job not quite paying the bills, Jodie desperately needs a new roommate and finds herself in a nightmarish situation when her roomie turns out to be a disastrous choice.

The wild and unruly Levi Creed is a little bit rebel and a whole lot of sexy. When he moves in next door to Jodie, things get a bit tumultuous thanks to a squawking parrot and a dangerous fire pit. It seems like Levi’s adorable Texan drawl and perfect body can’t possibly win over Jodie… or can they?

An undeniable chemistry simmers between the unlikely pair. The beach babe and the sexy cowboy soon find themselves asking: Can they tame their wild hearts and commit to the blossoming romance between them?


**A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

I will always say YES when asked to read Lindsay Detwiler’s books. They are clean, wonderfully written romances that have more substance than other books in the same category. I have enjoyed her books so much that I have bought several for my Mom and Grandmother as gifts. When I was asked to read the second book of the “Line in the Sand” series, I was excited to see that the main character was a secondary character in the first book. I was already somewhat acquainted with her backstory.

This second book picks up almost exactly where the last book “Inked Hearts” left off. Although the main characters are different, the one main character was a secondary character in the first book. This book follows Jodie and Levi. Jodie is sitting on her couch trying to finish her horror novel. She keeps getting sidetracked by the loud Johnny Cash music blaring from the apartment next to hers. She finally takes matters into her own hands and storms next door. When she knocks at the door it is answered by a very attractive man in a cowboy hat, tight jeans, cowboy boots and an open button-down flannel shirt. She momentarily forgets what she had marched over there for. She soon recovers her senses and chewed him a new one for being a super rude neighbor. Eventually, they start to grow on each other. She takes him seashell hunting for the first time. She takes him shopping for proper beach clothing. He makes her a steak over an open fire which she finds totally weird but ends up devouring. As they become more comfortable with each other they begin to develop feelings. Since they have issues with love from previous relationships they decide to keep things casual. Things are going well until one day when she introduces him as “her neighbor”. He is pretty angry about it. They ride home in a tense silence. Will Levi and Jodie realize that they do love each other before it too late for them? Will it take a cowboy to tame Jodie’s wild heart?

I totally devoured this book. Read it in a day. I really need to slow down and savor her books when I read them, but they are sooo good that I find myself flying through them. I loved the way Jodie was written. She was feisty but at the same time had a vulnerable side that made her even more lovable. The fact that she was an author made me love the character even more. The banter between Jodie and Levi was hilarious and slowly built the relationship around them. When they finally decided to make a go at their relationship they already had that firm foundation. With that being said I will be waiting with breathless anticipation for the next book review request in my email.


Wild Hearts by Lindsay Detwiler and Claire Smith is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Make sure to pick up your copy now. Also add it to your To Reads list on Goodreads and leave your feedback for the author when you are done. We have reviewed multiple other books by Lindsay Detwiler including Inked Hearts, Remember When, and Who We Were, plus more. Make sure to check out those reviews and pick up your copy. Check out Lindsay Detwiler and all her work on her website HERE. You can also follower her on Twitter HERE.

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