BOOK TO MOVIE: Clanlands by Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish

I love all things, Outlander.  Heck, I love all things Scottish.  Although with my last Ancestry DNA update I am only 4% Scottish.  I don’t feel like it.  Maybe, I was Scottish in another lifetime. So when I saw that “Jamie”  and “Dougal”  were writing a book I was so excited I knew that it was going to be so good.  I was even more excited when they were also making a show calling it Men in Kilts.  

The book, Clanlands, came out in 2020.  I immediately put it on my Amazon wish list.  Eventually, I was able to get it and read it.  I knew that it was going to be good.  Sam Heughan is Scottish.  He plays James Fraser on the hit TV show Outlander.  Graham McTavish plays Dougal McKinzie. He is James’s Uncle.  The book hits on all the major Scottish things.  Kilts, Whiskey, and of course the Clan Wars.  It was a sweeping tour of Scotland and I was there for it.  I immediately started researching trips on Pinterest and pinning itineraries as well.   

When I saw that they were also coming out with a TV show, I was in a hurry to read the book.  Once I read the book then started the show I was glad that I did.  Even though the show is a little off from the book it definitely reads like a companion.  It goes well into detail about each of the chapters.  There is basically an episode about each of the chapters.  I was glad that I had read the book first it gave me a little more insight into the episodes. The show is a rollicking good time.  The banter between the two kept me laughing the entire time.  The book does as well, it has sections in the chapters that read like a conversation and they had me rolling.  In the end, I was so glad that I read the book and cannot wait for another season of Men In Kilts.  I hope it is just as exciting a ride as the first season.  

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