EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Pop Funk Duo KiSMit Talks new music

We got to sit down with this incredible LA based pop funk duo KiSMiT. With new music just out and more on the horizon, they had a lot to say about what we can expect from them in 2019.

NP: Tell us first how you got started as KiSMiT

KiSMiT: Baz & I met in a songwriting class 7 years ago, fell in love and never imagined our dreams would become intertwined. He played guitar, I love to sing, it was natural and we were grateful for a connection that felt unlike anything I’d experienced before. Knee deep in college debt, we got a job as an acoustic duo on a cruise ship and sailed around the world for a year making music. Four years ago, we anchored in LA to focus on sharing our original music and ‘KiSMiT,’ which means unshakable destiny or fate, was born. 

NP: How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

KiSMiT: I like to describe it as a mixture between Quincy Jones and Florence + the Machine. Power pop over a bed of funk and “pop funk” tends to be the genre that resonates most for me.

NP: You have a new single out, “No Turning Back.” How did you pick this as your next single?

KiSMiT: ‘No Turning Back’ felt more like the turning of a page and less like a single. The song is a mantra to keep going down your path no matter what gets in your way to distract or scare you away from it. Our debut EP ‘Cosmic Love’ was released in May of last year and ‘No Turning Back’ feels like a building block on top of that solid foundation.

The choreography from our music video is now weaved into our live show and that changed a lot for me. It’s also the title of our most recent tour, so there’s a lot about this single that feels monumental for the KiSMiT team. It was sort of a no brainer that it would be our pre summer smash as the seasons change and world starts to heat up again!

NP: Now that it’s out, do you have more music in the works? Maybe an EP or album?

KiSMiT: Always! We are releasing our next single, ‘Show Me’ in May, with a music video to accompany that and possibly another in June. We are an indie band in the era of singles, so we will keep trickling new tasty tunes until they accumulate into an EP or debut album.

NP: What big plans are you setting up for the remainder of 2019?

KiSMiT: Filming our next music video ‘Show Me’ early May – it’s our first music video with a narrative and I get to dive into my acting background which I’m excited about. After that, it will be back to the studio to cook up new jams (or yams as we refer to them with our friends, big sweet potato lovers over here!) We just got home from tour and so we’re both itching to get back into creation station and make new music so we can dream up new videos and a tour for fall!

NP: Where can fans keep up with our music online?

KiSMiT: Everywhere they listen to music! @kismitmusic is how to find us on all things social.

NP: Thank you for taking time to answer some questions for us. We are looking forward to more from you!

KiSMiT: Thank you for taking the time to dive into our story and share it!

Make sure to check KiSMiT online using @kismitmusic on all social media accounts. Also download their music from iTunes, Amazon Music, or your preferred music source. Check out the music video below!

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