TV SHOW REVIEW: MTV’s Scream… Hit or Miss?

Some people think MTV is completely wrong for taking on a series based on the famed scary movie series Scream. The original film was released in 1996 and followed along by Scream 2 and 3. Then years later Scream 4 graced our presence as the teenage scare drama started to make a comeback. Now MTV has take Scream and created a TV series out of the story. The first episode premiered June 30th on the network and I’ve taken the time to watch it… here is my assessment.


The show starts off with hot girl skimping down to her bathing suit and prancing around the screen. Then weird texts, videos, and lights flickering happens. Now me… I’d have called 911 from moment one! But not in a show like Scream! Chaos ensues. The beginning of this series is very reminiscent of the first Scream film. Same situation, same group of individuals, and mediocre acting. Now you would think this was a bad assessment, but as someone who loved the Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Prom Night, Jason, etc… this fits right in. It might not be cinematic gold, but its entertaining. Let’s be real. We love being scared, startled, and yelling at the TV about how the gorgeous star of the show should be calling the cops instead of searching the house for whoever is clearly inside with her. It’s entertainment gold. It won’t be my favorite show on TV, but it will be one I watch regularly.

One twist I have seen in only the first episode is while it’s based on the Scream series, there are also hints to the Friday the 13th films starring the elusive Jason. So as I repeat, it isn’t the greatest show on TV, it is definitely good teenage/young adult entertainment and will appease the masses. It also lets the slightly older generation (I won’t state my age) get a little nostalgic to their teen years of cheesy, cult classic horror films.

Let us know what you think of episode one and whether you will tune in on MTV!

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