Book Review: ‘Our Interrupted Fairy Tale’ by Megan Williams

On Saturday I spent some time with Megan Williams, the author of ‘Our Interrupted Fairy Tale’, you can read our interview with her here! After speaking with her about her book I knew that I absolutely had to rush right home and spend the rest of the day reading it. I had heard that this book was a perfect read if you loved ‘The Fault in Our Stars’… and I definitely loved that book! As soon as I got home I proceeded to spend the next five hours out on the balcony reading Megan’s book.  I literally couldn’t put it down! From the time I read the first chapter I was hooked and finally after 290 pages I decided to take a break. See the problem was I knew if I kept reading the book would end and I wasn’t really ready for that to happen… emotionally and otherwise. I put off reading the end for a couple of days and finally gathered the courage to finish last night. Never has a book reduced me to the level of ugly cry that ‘Our Interrupted Fairy Tale’ did, but it was totally and absolutely worth it. This is a MUST read for fans of all book genres. For those who say they don’t like romantic books, this book is so much more than that! For those who might not like books that involve dealing with cancer, I would say that it isn’t over saturated with talk of cancer. I would say that this book is the most real and honest version of a couple in love dealing with a horrible cancer like Myeloma.

My favourite aspect of  ‘Our Interrupted Fairy Tale’ is the way it gives the perspective of the person dealing with cancer as well as the other person stuck between lover and caregiver. I’ve read books before by people who have had cancer and what it feels like to be them, but rarely does a book delve into what it is like for everyone else. Megan offers such a refreshing real look into how she balanced being a girlfriend with being a primary caregiver. There are moments throughout where she talks about feeling tired and guilty, something that I think anyone in a caregiver role can identify with. She also speaks a few times about sharing Chad with Myeloma as if cancer is his mistress, I have never heard cancer described that way but it is so real that it breaks your heart.  That could be what is drawing so many people to love this book as much as I did.  It could also be the love story… It’s both heart warming and heart breaking.

I have to say that if you loved ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ or even if you are just a human being, you will love this book… I guarantee it!


I recommend you get some Boom Chika Pop to drown your tears in while reading like I did…

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